Attestation Required for Government Provision

The employer will have to make available following documents duly attested from the concerned authorities for the authenticity of the demand. We strictly follow the norms of our Ministry of Labour to avoid unnecessary hassles on the recruitment of workers.

Demand Letter (Job Order).

An official letter issued by the employer / sponsor addressing the Recruiting Agency at Nepal with the detailed information as outlined below:

⦁ Required number of workers
⦁ Category/nature of work.
⦁ Salary/Wages structure with overtime.
⦁ Work hours and days.
⦁ Benefits offered by employer.
⦁ Terms & conditions of service rendered.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal written testimony, issued by the employer in favor of authorized recruitment agency to carryout all necessary undertakings of the concerned country on behalf of employer to recruit workers lawfully.
Two Party Service Agreement
A two party service agreement specifies the understandings made between Employer / Sponsor and Recruiting Agency for the service rendered to supply workforce from concerned country. This should include following:

⦁ Visa Advice
⦁ Work Permit
⦁ Consular Letter
⦁ Company Registration Copy

Guarantee Letter

A Guarantee Letter is issued by employer / sponsor with the declaration that employed workers will not be transferred to another country or company without the consent of Nepal Government authorities.
Employment Contract
An Employment Contract issued by Employer, to enter into agreement between employer and employee. A contract clarifies the authenticity of responsibilities, salary/wages, nature of jobs, terms & conditions and other benefits the employee will receive in exchange for specific work performed on acceptance.

All the documents should bear the signature of authorized person with company seal and duly attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Nepalese Embassy and Chamber of Commerce & Industries.